Finlay’s concerns over traffic snarl-up


Ballymoney DUP Councillor, John Finlay, has expressed concern about the traffic congestion in Meetinghouse Street and Castle Street in Ballymoney and has asked for action to be taken.

Councillor Finlay said: “For some time now I have been concerned about the frequent build up of traffic along Meetinghouse Street and Castle Street in Ballymoney.

“On occasions, the traffic on Meetinghouse Street is tailed back as far as the roundabout and Castle street to the Milltown.

“These delays can be very frustrating for motorists.

“It seems to me that the chief cause of the problem is the setting of the traffic lights at the Main Street junction.

“I feel that if these lights were set to a different sequence, particularly during rush hour and at school times, it would help to ease the flow of traffic along Meetinghouse Street and Castle Street.

“I have therefore been in contact with the Department of Regional Development, and officials have undertaken to look into the matter and get back to me. I will follow this up once I receive a substantive DRD response.”


Meanwhile, the Causeway Coast and Glens Environment Services Committee voted that arrangements will be made to bring the Implementation of the Licensing of Pavement Cafes Act into operation on the 1st April 2016.

The licensing scheme will allow owners of cafés, restaurants, pubs, or other premises selling food or drink, to apply to their local council for a pavement café licence.

The Act places an onus on a council to grant a licence unless it has a good reason to refuse an application and also provides councils with the power to remove facilities at unlicensed pavement cafés and creates several new offences to aid enforcement by council officers.

This was approved by the committee.