Finlay raises road safety concerns

Councillor John Finlay
Councillor John Finlay

Ballymoney DUP Councillor, John Finlay, has contacted DRD in relation to a road safety concern at the entrance of Megaw Park in Ballymoney.

Councillor Finlay said: “Megaw Park in the centre of Ballymoney has long been a popular recreation facility in the town and is well used by children who enjoy the park amenities.

“However, residents in the area around the entrance to the park have expressed their concerns about the way in which children leaving the park simply dart across the busy Coleraine Road. They are worried that a child could be injured or killed.

“I have therefore contacted officials in the Department of Regional Development to see if a crossing of some sort could be introduced. It is important that action is taken to prevent a tragedy.

“Meanwhile, I would urge teachers and parents to remind children of the need to be vigilant and careful when crossing the road”.

Megaw Park was reopened in 2015 following extensive renovation works.The newly-redeveloped Megaw Park offers soccer pitches and tennis courts for fun or competitive sport and a mix of traditional and interactive play equipment in the new children’s play area. There is the ‘tone zone’, a new trim trail and adventure play area.