Finlay raises McShane Twelfth incidents with Local Government Commissioner

Councillor John Finlay.
Councillor John Finlay.

Expressing his disgust at the sectarian behaviour of Independent councillor, Padraig McShane, in Ballycastle on Tuesday 12 July, Alderman John Finlay has written to the Local Government Commissioner.

Alderman Finlay said: “In light of the outrageous, provocative and nakedly sectarian behaviour of Independent councillor Padraig McShane in Ballycastle on the Twelfth of July, I have written to the Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for Standards to ask her to investigate the matter.

“Councillor McShane held an alleged illegal protest at Altananam, during which it has been reported that a band was stoned, and then later he is alleged to have confronted another Band in the Diamond area during the return leg of the parade.

“Councillors have an obligation to adhere to the Northern Ireland Local Government Code of Conduct for Councillors, and on the basis of the evidence to date, it seems to me that councillor McShane has fallen well short of the standards expected of him as an elected representative.

“In the interests of public confidence, it is important that this matter be thoroughly investigated as quickly as possible”.