Finlay: ‘Fair deal for LIDL’


Ballymoney DUP councillor John Finlay has called on superkarket chain LIDL to give Norhern Ireland employees a fair deal.

“While it is welcome news that LIDL have agreed to pay their workers the Living Wage, I am shocked and dismayed to see that they are refusing to include workers from Northern Ireland in this decision.

“This is blatant discrimination against hard working staff in their local stores and there can be no

justification for it. I know locally the level of dedication and professionalism of the LIDL workers in my own local store in Ballymoney and the same applies to the other 37 stores in Northern Ireland. There is no reason why LIDL workers in Ballymoney or, Coleraine or anywhere else in Northern Ireland, should be paid any less than their counterparts in Birmingham, Edinburgh or Swansea.

“I have written to LIDL at regional seeking not only answers but a change to policy so that LIDL workers in Ballymoney can get the same fair play and fair pay as their equivalents in England, Scotland and Wales.”