Finlay angered but not surprised by Parades Commission response to his letter

Councillor John Finlay.
Councillor John Finlay.

DUP Aldermen John Finlay has reacted angrily to the Parades Commission response to his letter asking why Dervock Young Defenders flute band was being denied permission to take part in the Ballymaconnelly band parade in Rasharkin this Friday evening.

Alderman Finlay said: “The only positive thing that can be said about the Parades Commission response to my letter is that it was very prompt. Beyond that, it has offered no hope at all.

“I believe it has refused to present the evidence to explain why it has banned Dervock Young Defenders.

“Meanwhile, the Dervock band cannot take part in an annual parade, much to the disappointment and annoyance of its members, supporters and friends, but to the undoubted delight of others such as Daithi McKay and Padraig McShane. Thanks to the Parades Commission, they have won yet again.”