Fear after woman tries to grab boy

FRIGHTNING.  Mervyn 'Tubes' McIntyre, pictured with his son Logan, who avoided the clutches of a stranger in Carnany estate on Friday.INBM50-14 094SC.
FRIGHTNING. Mervyn 'Tubes' McIntyre, pictured with his son Logan, who avoided the clutches of a stranger in Carnany estate on Friday.INBM50-14 094SC.

A 10-year-old boy has been left distraught after a women in black tried to grab him from behind.

Little Logan McIntyre from Carnany Drive, was coming home from Leaney Primary School on the bus when the alledged incident took place.

His father Mervryn McIntyre explained: “Our wee man was getting off the bus at the bus shelter at Carnany at about 3.15pm last Thursday when he noticed a woman on the other side of the street wearing a black coat and a black baseball hat covering her face.

“As he walked along the footpath to come home he was aware that the woman had crossed over the street and was on the same side as him. He felt a bit uncomfortable and walked abit fast however she walked right behind him and tried to grab the hook on the back of his rucksack, which was over his two arms, and pull him back.

“Luckily she didn’t get a good grip as Logan got away and took off running home.

“When he got in he was distraught, and has since been really upset and shocked about the whole incident.

“I went straight out and searched the whole of the Carnany estate but I could see the woman anywhere.”

Logan described the woman as ‘mummy’s height’ (5ft 4”) and

Urging parents to be viligiant, Logan’s brother, Darryl McIntyre immediately posted a message on Facebook stating: ‘Everyone in Ballymoney and surrounding area beware of a woman wearing a black coat and a black hat covering her face! My son got off the school bus and she followed him and tried to make a grab for him! Luckily he turned at the right time and saw her reaching for him and got away! I hope and pray someone finds out who this is!’

Leaney Primary School also posted: ‘A woman in a car tried to lift one of our children as they got off the Carnany bus yesterday. Please remind your children about stranger danger and, where possible, make sure they walk home with a friend. Terrible to think our children aren’t even safe walking that short distance.’

This recent incident comes after a suspicious approach was made to a child in the Trinity Drive area of Ballymoney at around 10pm on Friday, November 14. There have also been recent reports of a number of incidents in which children have been approached in the Coleraine area.

Police confirmed that they had received a report of a woman grabbing a child’s school bag in the Carnany Drive area of Ballymoney on the afternoon of Thursday 04 December. The child was not hurt during the incident but was frightened as the woman was not known to him.

Inspector David Anderson: “The child returned home and the matter was reported to police by a parent. The child and parent did the right thing in reporting the incident to us.

“We do not think this was a suspicious approach, but we take these reports seriously and will investigate further if the picture changes in any way.”