Father and son plan a London adventure

Father and son team David and Brian McKeown are taking part in the inaugural Prudential Ride London 100, a 100-mile mass cycling event on Sunday 4th August which is aiming to become the largest in the world.

It follows the 2012 London Olympic Road Race circuit. 20,000 people have been successful in the ballot and believe it or not, places were fiercely contested. There were over 50,000 disappointed applicants. The roads in London and Surrey will be closed during this spectacle so cars will not be a hazard – although fellow cyclists might be!

Their times may set no records, or earn any medals, but the buzz from taking part and the goal of completing such a testing circuit will be a huge achievement in itself. Surviving to tell the tale will be even better!

Apart from their personal challenge they have adopted three charities with whom they are closely involved and hope that those who read this may be motivated to support.

Their chosen charities are Macmillan Cancer Support, Samaritans and Vision Aid Overseas.

Recent experience has demonstrated firsthand that Macmillan Cancer Support’s selfless level of care is personal, sincere and clearly focused on the needs of the patient and his or her family. Macmillan Cancer Support truly helps to carry people through the darkest of days.

Samaritans never ceases to amaze with the impact the organisation can have on its callers. Samaritans is non-judgmental, treats every caller the same and provides a service, which at times can be the difference between life and death. Depending solely on charitable donations, Samaritans provide an essential, underestimated and unrivaled service to the entire community throughout the UK & Ireland.

Vision Aid Overseas operates in developing countries, matching donated spectacles to those who cannot afford the optical care we consider as normal and routine. Optometrists give their time to train local people to provide a sustainable future in eye care. Brian has worked in Uganda and Zambia with this charity and knows firsthand the impact such a service has and, every penny helps.

There is no scarcity of worthy causes and without practical help so many of our charitable causes would flounder and vital support just would not happen.

David and Brian will look after all their personal costs, flights, accommodation etc, ensuring that all donations plus Gift Aid go to their charities. David used to work in Knockanboy Veterinary Clinic in Dervock & Coleraine. Brian works as an optometrist at Lavertys Opticians in Ballymoney, Coleraine & Garvagh.

If you feel the desire to support you can do so by donating at any of the workplaces above or you can visit the Just Giving Website and search for team McKeown.

“There’s around 6 weeks to go, now we want to encourage sponsorship. We’re taking on 100 miles with leg testing climbs and a route, which was made famous by the world’s best cyclists in the Olympics.