Farmers plan major protest

Farmers For Action will be hosting a major protest outside the EU Offices in Belfast next Monday, August 24 at noon.

This protest welcomes all farming families involved in producing beef, lamb, cereals, vegetables, milk, chicken and pork.

Organisers have asked that farmers should bring along landrovers/jeeps and trailers and tractors to the protest.

Farmers For Action says that the protest is against EU policies.

FFA were formed by a group of farmers who were disillusioned by the ineffectiveness of the organisations representing their industry.

In the last month, local farmers have been protesting outside supermarkets in Coleraine about the prices they are paid for milk.

The local dairy farmers warn that they will go out of business if they do not receive higher prices for their milk.

Farmers say what they are getting paid for their milk is well below the cost of producing it.

However it is not only dairy farmers who are struggling.

Farmers claim that every industry in the Northern Ireland’s agricultural sector is under pressure.

In England recent action by dairy farms resulted in a major supermarket taking action.

Leading supermarket, Morrisons announced it would sell a new milk brand which will see 10p per litre extra paid to farmers.

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