Fancy a ramble round Roonavoolin?

Come and see the razorbill chicks on Rathlin. INBM33-13
Come and see the razorbill chicks on Rathlin. INBM33-13

RSPB Rathlin Reserve warden Liam McFaul is inviting the public to join him on a fascinating walk to Roonavoolin.

The walks will be held this Sunday, 18 August and on Sunday, 25 August.

Located at the southernmost tip of Rathlin Island, Roonavoolin is important for wildlife, especially choughs, although lapwings, corncrakes, snipe and Irish hares all benefit from targeted management of this land.

The RSPB invite you to don your walking boots and put your best foot forward to experience the rare, untamed beauty of Rathlin for yourself.

Please note the last ferry which will get you there on time leaves Ballycastle at 11.15am.

Return from Rathlin is at 4:15pm (earliest) or 17:30pm.

All walks begin at depart from the Manor House at noon and last for three hours.

Please book by calling Janice on 028 9049 1547. £5 for adults/£3 for RSPB members.

Children go free!

You might see the jumplings - that’s the name used to describe the razorbill and guillemot chicks.

Why jumplings?

Because right now, the last remaining tiny balls of fluff are getting ready to throw themselves off the 300 feet high cliffs into the sea below.

Unlike most birds, razorbill and guillemot young leave the nest before they can fly, so they literally take a massive leap of faith as they plummet over the edge.