‘Fairie Thorn’ set in north Antrim is not for the kids!

Jane Talbot. INBM39-15
Jane Talbot. INBM39-15

Ballycastle, Portballintrae, Ballintoy and Bushmills are all featured in a brand new book of fairy tales that is aimed at an adult audience.

Author Jane Talbot, who lives near Ballymoney, has published the new collection of stories for adults called ‘The Faerie Thorn’.

Here’s a taster...

‘Man Donaghy crept silently around the back of the farmhouse and over the field to the faerie thorn. The thorn was shimmering as he knelt before it. Whispering directly to the roots of the tree, Man Donaghy said, “I want you to take Wife Donaghy.”’

Jane Talbot’s seven bewitching tales will draw you into a world of fairy tales and magick, a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, of broken bargains and unjust trials, of quick-wittedness, of hoodwinking, of revenge.

The Faerie Thorn and other stories is a dark, tender, dazzling collection that will make you remember why you love stories.

‘A delight to read… brimming with a feral, elemental magick.’ Mia Gallagher, author of Hellfire.

‘There are tales here of gentleness and brutality, of trapped souls and willing, captive hearts; stories so grisly and “feary-grim” they’ll cold-curdle your blood; stories so full of unbridled beneficence they will “warm-hold” and gentle your heart. Highly recommended.’ Bernie McGill, author of The Butterfly Cabinet.

Jane was born in Wiltshire and has lived in County Antrim since 2011. She studied at Manchester University and Warwick University, and has worked as a teacher of Modern Languages, a community development practitioner, and a training and coaching specialist.

She is a champion of the oral storytelling tradition and a fan of both fairy tales and medieval literature. The Faerie Thorn and other stories is her first book.