Fairhead Photographic Club events

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Fairhead Photographic Club have wound up their indoor season with an enjoyable evening in Portnagree House in Ballycastle.

The main feature was the ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition, judged by Club members themselves from a display of members’ colour and monochrome prints, followed by Projected Digital Images (PDIs).

The quality of images and the variety of subjects featured was impressive, as is now expected of this relatively small Club within the wider circles of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association(NIPA) comprising 28 Clubs throughout the Province.

Members had been asked to bring up to four of their best prints and a similar number of digital images for projection. Each member identified their favourite print with a sticker and the initial result was a draw between Kathy Stewart and Pete Irvine. A show of hands decided in favour of Kathy’s image titled ‘Forgotten’. Photograph of the Year was awarded by secret ballot to David McKeown for a dramatic ‘Red Arrows’ image.

Kieran Casey, last year’s Chairman who has succeeded Gordon Gray as Club representative on the Council of NIPA, presented the Photographer of the Year awards as follows:

Novice Section: 1st Jim Hamilton, 2nd Dessy Coyles, 3rd Kathy Stewart. Advanced Section: 1st Pete Irvine, 2nd Cheryl Connor, 3rd  Mary Hill.

The AGM was held on the same evening, resulting in the following appointments:

Chairperson : Jim Hamilton; Treasurer : Sheila Fairon; Minutes Secretary : Sheila Fairon; Secretary (job share): Kathy Stewart & David Mckeown (Alan Thompson Press Secretary : Gordon Gray

Other Committee members: Alan Thompson, Kieran Casey, Mary Hill, Pete Irvine and Anna Turkington

The Chairman Jim Hamilton paid tribute to the team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic Office-bearers who had assisted him in carrying through the Club programme. During the year there had been notable successes by a number of members in the NIPA Inter-club competitions. But perhaps the most notable achievement was the One-Man Exhibition by Pete Irvine in which over one hundred

of his prints were displayed for some three months in the foyer of the Riverside Theatre. This Exhibition now moves to Derry.