Executive launches New Neighbourhood Officer Service

The Housing Executive’s new Neighbourhood Officer Service for Ballycastle District was launched today. The Neighbourhood Officer Service came out of a review of the existing warden service.

Commenting on the new service Gerry McCloskey, District Manager, said: “We are pleased to launch this new service which will benefit many of our tenants right across the District. We have listened to our residents about the kind of estate based service they want and we have moulded our existing warden service into this new approach with Neighbourhood Officers working directly with local communities on issues which affect their daily lives.

“Our Neighbourhood Officer in Ballycastle District is Mary Jennings whose job is to address those quality of life issues that include dealing with illegal dumping, graffiti, anti social behaviour and environmental improvements.

“One very important aspect of a Neighbourhood Officer’s activity is to work with communities and individuals on our estates especially those households where there are those who feel marginalised or vulnerable.

“It is important that everyone has a say in how their estate is being managed and Neighbourhood Officers can reflect these views and opinions and report back to their district managers. By doing this we can adapt and modify the way we deliver our services.”

Welcoming the new Neighbourhood Officer Service, Miriam Thompson, from Ballycastle District Housing Community Network, said: “I am pleased, as part of the Housing Community Network, to be associated with the launch of the Neighbourhood Officer Service.

“Neighbourhood Officers can help make a real difference in local communities, as they work in partnership with residents and others to deal with issues that affect the District’s housing areas. By doing so, they are helping to improve these areas for the benefit of everyone.”