Executive investing almost £700,000 on heating schemes in North Antrim homes

Ninety Housing Executive homes across Ballymoney and Ballycastle Districts are having new oil heating systems installed in their homes. The properties involved are in a number of locations across Ballymoney Borough as well as Ballycastle and Armoy in Moyle.

Commenting on the work, Mairead Myles Davey, Ballymoney District Manager said:

“This is a major boost for tenants living in these rural areas of North Antrim, both in my Ballymoney District and in neighbouring Ballycastle District. The work, being carried out in two schemes, is replacing solid fuel heating with more efficient oil heating systems. As a responsible landlord and as the Home Energy Conservation Authority for Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive aims to make homes as comfortable and as energy efficient as possible. Good housing also makes a valuable contribution to sustaining rural communities, a key strand of the Housing Executive’s rural policy, and this work demonstrates our continuing commitment to this goal.

These schemes will mean that 85% of all Housing Executive homes in Ballymoney District will have gas or oil heating, while 77% of our Moyle properties will have oil heating systems.”

Contractor, H & A Mechanical Services Ltd, has extensive experience in carrying out work of this nature in tenants’ homes, liaising with individual residents and the Housing Executive, to achieve the high standards set and expected.”