Exclusive - Revealed: Coleraine Grammar School’s new uniform and crest

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The Coleraine Times can today reveal how the new uniform and crest of Coleraine Grammar School will look.

Primary 7 pupils and their parents heard details about how the new school will be organised in September at open nights this week.

The Interim Board of Governors has revealed the school’s new uniform for boys and girls. It draws on the distinctive colours and history of both Coleraine Inst - where the new school will be sited at Castlerock Road - and Coleraine High School following input from staff, pupils and parents of the two founding schools and the Old Boys and Old Girls Associations.

The new school crest agains draws on the elements, colours and history of both CAI and CHS.

The school motto is the Latin ‘In Scientia, Opportunitas’, which means ‘with knowledge comes opportunity’.

The Interim Board and Principal Designate, Dr David Carruthers, have created an implementation plan for the new school, which will operate across the two campuses of Coleraine Academical Institution and Coleraine High School for a limited time.

In September, all year 8 boys and girls will be taught together at the Lodge Road campus, where they will be joined by all Year 9 pupils and some boys and girls from Years 11 and 13.

The Castlerock Road campus will host all Year 10 pupils and again some boys and girls from Years 11 and 13 depending on their subject choices and other factors. Year 12 and 14 girls and boys will complete their GCSE and A Level courses on their current campuses.

Dr Carruthers said: “Whilst ultimately Coleraine Grammar School will be based at the Castlerock Road campus, it is impossible for us to educate all our pupils there straight away.

“For that reason, we must maximise the use of facilities on both campuses which will also give our pupils access to the full range of extra-curricular activities of both founding schools.

“We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for our pupils – new and existing – and I trust that everyone will bear with us as we iron out the teething problems which any new school would experience.”

Mrs Nancy McCollum, Chairperson of the Interim Board of Governors, added, “This is a most exciting chapter for education in Coleraine. For the first time, a non-denominational, co-educational grammar school option will be available to families in this area which will continue with the strong traditions and principles of the two founding schools.”

“We are actively preparing Coleraine Grammar School to be the school of choice for parents and pupils in the local area, a school that will be acclaimed for its commitment to academic excellence, its caring ethos and its community spirit.”