Excellent A results at Coleraine Grammar

Head Boy and Head Girl: Zachary Hutchinson and Grace Carson
Head Boy and Head Girl: Zachary Hutchinson and Grace Carson

On Thursday, August 17, there were lots of delighted pupils at Coleraine Grammar School, as they received their A Level results.

Almost 80% of pupils in Year 14 achieved 3 A* - C grades, which reflects the hard work and dedication of both pupils and staff in the school.

36 pupils were awarded at least three A grades and this is an outstanding number of high achieving students.

 The top achieving student was Grace Richmond, who achieved 4 A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and RE. She will now take up her place for Medicine at QUB. Two others achieved 3 A* grades and 1 A: Ruth Mullan and Jordan Kilgore, both of whom will now go on to study Medicine as well; Ruth at Queen’s University and Jordan at Newcastle University.

There were several students who were awarded the grades they need to embark on the degrees in Medicine: Charlotte Archer, who is going to Keele University, Kit Hutchinson, heading to Newcastle University.

Other successes included Head Girl Grace Carson, who was also delighted with her 3 A*s in French, German and RE. Grace will now go on to read Modern and Medieval Languages at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge University. Head Boy, Zachary Hutchinson achieved 2A*s and 1 A grade which allows him to accept his place at St Andrews University to study Divinity.

 Other pupils who have secured places at top universities are Emma McCaughern, who achieved 2A*s and 1A in English, Maths and Politics and who will take up her place at Balliol College, Oxford to study PPE. Hannah Scott was also pleased with her results: 1 A* and 2 As in Economics, English Lit and Maths. She will be setting off to Princeton University to take up her rowing scholarship and study Economics there.

Many other pupils attained excellent grades and are embarking upon courses such as Law, Dentistry, Veterinary and Pharmacy. Some examples include, Faith Moore, Koren Ferguson, Sasha Richardson, Robbie Bellingham, Sophie Jinks, Imogen Wilson, Natasha Brownlee, Rebekah Douglas, Katherine Gawne, Christopher Hamilton, Rosanna Johnston, Greg Kelly and Charlotte Smyth, to name but a few.

Fifteen other pupils gained at least 2 A*s grades in their results and 94 pupils achieved at least one A* or A grade. 55% of pupils were awarded 3 grades A* - B and across the year group, 195 of all the grades awarded were either an A* or A.

 Across the school, 13 different departments can celebrate 100% of pupils achieving A* - C grades. The pupils deserve to be congratulated for their success and we look forward to seeing how they progress at university and then in their chosen career paths.

Headmaster, Dr Carruthers commented that, “These results are truly exceptional and we are very proud of our pupils.”

 There were also highlights of achievement in Year 13:

Very impressively, ten pupils attained their A2 Maths in one year whilst also studying their other AS subjects.  These pupils were Ancel Bell, Chloe Dalzell, Adam Kennedy, Scott Kennedy, Michael McLean, Ross Moore, James Richmond, Alexander Scott, Michael Simpson and Anna Wallace.  Most notably, Ancel and Michael achieved an A*s, and Chloe, Scott, Ross, James and Anna achieved A grades. An impressive set of results whilst also studying for their AS exams.

In Year 13 as a whole, there were 30 pupils who achieved 2 A grades or better in their exams. Eleven pupils achieved 3 A grades or better and Chloe Dalzell achieved 3 A grades at AS and an A in A2 Maths. Ancel Bell achieved 3 As at AS and an A* in A2 Maths. There were four pupils awarded 4 A grades at AS: Calum Beggs, Ellen Davis, Holly Woodhead and Anna Wallace. Anna not only achieved 4 A grades at AS, but also an A in A2 Maths.

Congratulations to all!