Excavator damaged

AN estimated £2,000 worth of damage was sustained in a vandalism attack on a Hitachi excavator EX60 which was parked at Altarichard Road near Magherahoney.

Work is being carried out on a fence in the area and the attack happened between 5pm on Tuesday September 14 and 9am on Thursday September 16.

All the windows were broken and damage was caused to a hydraulic pump and ignition switch.

It is a fairly isolated area but police would like to hear from anyone if they saw anything suspicious.

Inspector David Anderson of Ballymoney PSNI said: “Not only does the contractor have to pay the bill to fix the damage but the machine will also be out of commission for a number of days.”

Police can be contacted on 08456008000 or phone the Crimestoppers confidential freephone number on 0800555111.