Event at the ‘ heart of Dervock’

The participants. INBM46-15 S
The participants. INBM46-15 S

A recent community lead project has really ‘Put the Heart Back into Dervock’.

The project was organised and jointly supported by the ‘Country Medical Centre’ and the Ultoniae Cultural &

Heritage Society (funded by IFI – through the Peace Impact Programme initiative).

‘Putting the Heart Back into Dervock’ witnessed community volunteers – members from Dervock FC, Dervock Young Defenders FB, Coleraine ABC, DADCA, Dr Jane Leslie and others - complete a Basic Life Support, Defibrillator and Anaphylaxis course.

Frankie Cunningham (Project Coordinator - Ultoniae Cultural & Heritage Society) explained, “Through the Training programme of funding known as the Peace Impact Programme (PIP) there have been up to 12 volunteers that have successfully acquired training in the usage of the AED Defibrillator and procedures to employ

when dealing with Anaphylaxis.

“This in itself has highlighted (positively) the underlying, untapped source regarding the sense of civic responsibility and community spirit.

“The AED Defibrillator has offered peace of mind for many of the service users and has increased a level of community spirit within the village.

“I would like to take this opportunity y to thank the partners in the practise at the Country Medical Centre for supporting this community initiative – which again highlights the positive aspects and benefits of a community working together,” he concluded.