Emails cheaper than ‘van delivery’

A COUNCILLOR says it will be more economical if elected representatives in Moyle can receive their meeting agendas and documents by email rather than by post or even ‘special delivery by a council van’.

Cllr Catherine McCambridge (SDLP) was speaking at the first meeting of the new Moyle Council term in Ballycastle as she embarked on a cost-cutting crusade in an attempt to save ratepayers cash during the current credit crunch.

The council provides councillors with laptops and Cllr McCambridge said it should be a stipulation that you only receive a computer if you agree to council minutes being sent out by email.

She said email will be cheaper than post or, as she pointed out, a Council van going out around the homes of councillors dropping off council minutes.

New Independent councillor, Colum Thompson, said he already has a computer and didn’t need a laptop.

Another new councillor, Sharon McKillop of the TUV, said she also has a computer but she would like a council laptop so she can keep her Council business separate from her work.

Sinn Fein councillor Cara McShane also liked the email idea and SDLP councillor Donal Cunningham described it as an efficient use of resources.

Independent councillor Randal McDonnell said the Council should not supply computers to councillors.

“Why don’t they go and buy one in a shop like normal people,” he said.

Council officer Moira Quinn said when the Local Government Auditor asks the Council has to show how the laptops are of use to councillors.

Cllr McCambridge said ratepayers should not have to pay for laptops for councillors who either will not or do not use them.