Elizabeth has a ‘Zest for Life’

A Ballymoney woman has praised Cancer Focus Northern Ireland’s ‘Zest for Life’ programme for helping her to deal with the effects of the disease.

Elizabeth Fulton (62) from Ballymoney took part in the programme earlier this year.

Elizabeth said: “I saw an article in my local newspaper about Zest for Life and I’m glad I booked my place! I had been diagnosed with bowel cancer and at that stage I was holding back a lot of emotions and at times taking it out on those closest to me. Many people thought that once my cancer was removed, then I was suddenly better but there are the physical affects of the disease as well as the mental emotions to deal with, long after your treatment has ended.

“Zest for Life helped me put things into perspective. Cancer Focus’s counsellor, Valerie was very supportive and as the programme is entirely confidential, everyone felt comfortable chatting to others about how they were feeling. It was encouraging to see that others felt the same as I did and it helped me feel more positive about the future. I now take everyday as it comes and if I want to do something, I just do it – there’s no point in putting it off!”

Starting on Wednesday 26th September, the programme will take place at Braid Town Hall, 1-29 Bridge Street, Ballymena, from 10.30am to 1.00pm for six consecutive weeks.

Zest for Life is a six week personal development programme which is designed to meet the needs of those who are on a recovery period in their cancer journey.