Electrocution worries in the Glens

SINN Féin councillor Noreen McAllister has urged parents in the Glens to warn their children about the dangers of playing near electricity sub stations or electricity pylons during the summer holidays.

Councillor McAllister said: “After I myself had spoke with children in the area that were climbing on the fences of a sub station, I appeal to parents in the Glens to try and ensure that they prevent their children from going anywhere near electricity sub stations or electricity pylons and appeal to the young people to understand the dangers, as these stations are not playgrounds.

“We all know that we cannot watch our children every minute of the day and that children love to climb up and over things. Fences are particularly inviting. With more children getting outside to play during the summer, it is the perfect time for parents to talk to them about the dangers of electrical substations and why they must never climb the fences surrounding them.

“An electrical sub station has thousands of volts running through it. This can kill someone in an instant. Only authorised and trained workers are allowed to work in or near high voltage substations The whole substation is a danger zone, so children have to be made aware of the dangers.”

“Electricity is part of our every day life, designed to provide us with safe and reliable source of energy, but sometimes it can be dangerous. This happens when we are exposed to it in ways we were not meant to be. We can avoid these hazards by following some simple rules and informing children of its danger.”