Electricity black out is very bad day for Armoy sports fans

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Hundreds of people in the Armoy area were left fuming last Monday when an unexpected power cut left homes without supply for more than 12 hours.

Few could understand why on a hot, sunny day the electric supply suddenly went off and why it took so long to restore.

What made the situation worse for sports fans was the screening of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon match and the World Cup games.

One enthusiast commented: “Of all the days to go off, this was one of the worst. I took the time off to watch Murray and couldn’t believe it when the television suddenly blacked out.

“I thought sure enough it would be restored in the evening, but it wasn’t and eventually I had to go to bed very disappointed.

“I did ring but they said it was an area fault and that engineers were working on it.

“No doubt a stock answer but you would wonder with all the sophisticated technology in NIE’s possession and the ability to isolate the problem they couldn’t have got it fixed sooner.”

In response Natasha Nicholl, NIE Customer Relations Manager for the area said: “NIE emergency repair teams worked into the night to repair a fault in the Armoy area on Monday.

“The teams replaced a faulty transformer which left 168 people without power from 15.36.

“Power was restored to 58 properties by 20.14 and the remaining properties had power restored by 03.28 on Tuesday morning.”