Electric blanket safety worries

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BALLYCASTLE SDLP councillor Dónal Cunningham has urged local residents to be aware of the dangers of faulty electric blankets and to carry out a few basic checks to ensure their safety.

Speaking about the risk of faulty electric blankets, Councillor Cunningham said: “Moyle Home Accident Prevention group recently carried out free electric blanket safety which revealed that a high proportion of blankets were potentially unsafe.

“The checks revealed that 15 out of 17 brought in for testing was found to be defective. Blankets which were found to be faulty is that replacements were provided free of charge.

“It is important that people get their electric blankets serviced regularly, at least once every three years and have it replaced at least every ten years. You should never buy a second hand blanket. If anyone is in any doubt about the condition of their electric blanket they can should consider safely disposing of it and purchasing a new one.”