ELECTION: McKay lodges nomination papers


Sinn Fein candidate Daithí McKay has said that if elected he intends to provide a ‘progressive voice’ for North Antrim in the new Assembly.

Speaking while lodging his nomination papers, he said: “It is quite clear that the public want to see a more progressive Assembly.

“They want to see more action and more agreement. They want to see leadership move society forward and focus on better economic, educational and health outcomes for our children.

“Sinn Féin have been a progressive voice in the Assembly and the more progressive voices there are in the Assembly the better.

“I want to see economic delivery for North Antrim and Invest NI upping it’s game. We want to see targets set for different regions in terms of job creation rather than the defeatist attitude being adopted that ‘most jobs are better based in Belfast’ which is just not true for people living in Rural areas in North Antrim.

“We need a hospitality and tourism framework for the 21st Century. That means reform of our licensing laws. That means fairer VAT and air passenger duty at the same rate as the South. A level playing field to ensure we not only create jobs but sustain the ones we already have.

“People want to see more debate about health and the economy instead of being stuck in the same arguments over and over on the radio every morning. Yes we need to address the difficult issues concerning the past and other contentious matters but politicians and the media alike need to make sure that it does not dominate public discourse.

“Sinn Féin want to see more self governance and less powers in Westminster. We also want to see North Antrim remain in the EU. An exit would lead to economic uncertainty with potential investors staying clear for a number of years whilst the dust settles. An exit would hit us harder than elsewhere because of all-island trade and business that currently sustains many sectors of our economy. And anyone that says London will replace our agricultural subsidies and PEACE monies is pulling wool over your eyes.

“If elected I will continue to provide the progressive voice for North Antrim at the Assembly and will work to ensure that the needs of this rural constituency are met by government.”