Election 2017: Gaston to contest North Antrim

Cllr Timothy Gaston.
Cllr Timothy Gaston.

TUV representative, Cllr Timothy Gaston is to stand in the North Antrim constituency in the upcoming General Election.

Speaking of his candidature, the Mid and East Antrim councillor said: “I am a resolute unionist. I believe passionately in the United Kingdom and our future within it.

“I see an exciting and prosperous future for our great nation outside the EU. I want to make a success of Brexit and ensure North Antrim shares in the unfolding opportunities.

“We’ve suffered hard blows with the loss of JTI and Michelin. Meanwhile Stormont has been a calamitous failure. Other candidates want to tether us to such failure. We say we need to move on.

“I know what it is to achieve for my constituents on the council. I will bring the same dedication and energy to serving North Antrim in Parliament.”

Commenting TUV leader Jim Allister said: “Happily North Antrim will be won by a unionist. So, voters can be safely afforded a choice.

“In TUV we have a party of principle and integrity. For us no fawning over McGuinness or slithering on an Irish Language Act. TUV will not let you down.

“In this election Ian Paisley’s eulogising of the late IRA commander McGuinness will be an issue as many unionists recoil from his description of him as someone who “not only saved lives but made the lives of countless people better”.

“TUV disagrees. We say the life savers were our gallant security forces who faced down terrorism.

“Just as I tell it as it is in Stormont, so in Timothy Gaston the voters have a man who will stand strong and work hard for North Antrim. I thoroughly recommend him and urge the voters of North Antrim to give him their vote.”

A party spokesperson added: “TUV in Westminster elections has only ever contested safe unionist seats.

“With the possibility of another Assembly election in the coming months, we have made a strategic decision to preserve our resources and, therefore, our involvement in this General Election will be limited to our heartland area of North Antrim.

“Cllr Timothy Gaston, Bannside councillor, will again be our candidate.”