Elderly couple’s bogus phone call - police warning

POLICE in Ballymoney have issued a warning on bogus calls after an attempt was made to con an elderly local couple out of £250.

The couple alerted the police after a caller purporting to represent the Ministry of Justice told them they were entitled to £6000 and in doing so, also provided them with a reference number.

A further telephone call then asked the couple to send them £250 in UKASH vouchers in order for the funds to be released.

Inspector David Anderson said the couple were astute enough not to be taken in and alerted the police to the possibility that they were being set-up.

The Inspector added: “If anyone feels they are receiving a suspicious telephone call then bring it to the attention of a trusted family member or to the police.

“This couple’s experience enables us to bring the matter to the attention of the wider public and we would particularly warn elderly people to be cautious since a lot of the calls appear to be directed to them.

“If in any doubt, contact the police and never provide any bank or personal details.”