Eileen retires from JDLC after 30 years

ONE of Ballymoney’s best known receptionists has retired.

Eileen Henry was the face of the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre for more than 30 years but has recently called it a day.

She retires with the best wishes of her colleagues and friends and it was no surprise when she was given a rousing send off.

Eileen adopted a pleasant and helpful attitude to her work and nothing was too much trouble for her.

Indeed, her personality and kindness can be gauged by the fact that sometime ago she was awarded our Bouquet of the Month.

At the time, she was nominated by her grandson Luke for being a top granny.

In an emotional letter to the Ballymoney Times, Luke’s mum, Alison Brankin explained: “In May 2010, my son Ryan was stillborn. My mum was devastated however was a tremendous support to me in what was a very difficult time.

“On 10th June 2011, I had another son Luke and thank God all is well. My mum is a very excited Granny as I’m sure you can understand! Also, it’s her 60th birthday on 26th August. So for these celebratory reasons, I would like to put her forward to receive the bouquet in August from me, my husband Joe and our son Luke.”