New school website

ST PATRICK’S and St Brigid’s Primary School & Nursery Unit in Ballycastle launched their innovative new website: on Friday March 4.

The specially designed website has been developed to help better connect the school with parents, the Moyle community and the wider world.

It will give a unique insight into the diverse types of work, play and fun undertaken by children in the school and nursery, allowing all who visit a modern, alternative means to find out about the curriculum being taught and the active school environment.

It will also function as a modern and optional information source for parents, complementing the usual methods of communication between school and home.

The site has been initially funded through the Extended School programme, which offers a diverse range of activities for children and the community. In the near future, pupils will be given the opportunity to add content to the site. Anyone wishing to find out more about the Extended School programme in general can visit the relevant link on the website.

The site has been designed in direct response to the school’s assertion that parents and the wider community want a ‘window’ on what occurs day and daily in the school.

A school spokesperson said: “Thus the use of website technology allows the school to provide a creative means for teachers to present information about how our children spend their time and celebrate achievement. Coupled with this, the website will also allow us to have a substantial online presence with the parish, local community and those who are further afield.

“Our goal is to provide our visitors with a rich content experience. With this in mind, the website offers ten main areas of information with many subpages contained within these.

“Today’s launch is not the end, as we plan to continually work to keep the website up to date by adding more topics and diversifying it. To help us with this aim, views on the website and ideas for possible content are sought. These can be communicated through e-mail to”