Dalriada’s Legal Eagles represent Northern Ireland in National final of Bar Mock Trials

On Saturday a 15 strong team of pupils from Years 12-14 will compete in the National Final of the annual Bar Mock Trial Competition. This year the final will be held in the Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast and will involve 15 other teams from across England, Scotland and Wales.

The competition aims to give young people an exciting and innovative insight into the workings of the legal system. Each team consists of 15 students who take on the roles of barristers, witnesses, court staff and jurors. It will undoubtedly be a tough competition as witnesses are cross-examined with precision by opposing barristers, who themselves will be winners of their region. The students are then judged by legal professionals on their individual performances as they prosecute and defend two carefully planned cases. Each team will compete in three rounds within their league, before the two teams with the best overall performance compete for first place in the final round of the day.

After many years of dedication and narrow defeats, the team from Dalriada won the N.I. heats in November and have been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Northern Ireland Champions’.

The team are currently preparing for the National Final and are determined to do their utmost to win the coveted title ‘Bar National Mock Trial Champions.’

The team want to thank Craig Dunford, Jennifer Kirkwood and Lisa Pollock [Barristers at Law] who have given of their time to help prepare the team for the competition and iron out the legal requirements each case presents.

A huge thank you must also go to John W. Pinkerton and Son [www.pinkerton-law.com] who have presented each member of the team with a personalised hoodie. J.W. Pinkerton & Son have been the solicitors used by Dalriada School for many years and they were very keen to support the team as they represent N.I. in the National Final. John W. Pinkerton was a governor in the school for many years, as was his father.