Cross and Passion prize distribution

THE Principal of Cross and Passion has spoken of the pride she feels for her pupils.

Speaking at last Thursday prize evening, Mrs Barbara Ward reflected on the academic and sporting achievements of her pupils, and congratulated the staff of the school.

The special guest was Professor Tony Gallagher, Professor of Education and Pro Vice Chancellor of Queens University in Belfast.

In her remarks Mrs Ward said: “The last school year saw what I can only describe as outstanding success.

“We all know that success has to be earned. We also know that the taste of success is all the sweeter when it is shared, and when it comes to those who have worked really hard to bring it about. However it is sweeter still when we see it come to young people who have overcome many obstacles and challenges on they way.

“We are here celebrating the success of all of the different types of learners in this school community – young people with different personalities, talents, abilities and interests. Boys and girls you are all unique, you all started in a different place and followed different pathways through school, but you have all succeeded – achieving your personal best and your own goals.

“Each of you has made a valuable and lasting contribution to the life of the school and you have enriched the experiences of your peers, the teachers and the support staff. Thank you for contributing so much to our school community.”

The Principal went on to remark on the school’s partnership with Ballycastle High School, she said: “As many of you will know, this is part of the history of the school, indeed, the sharing of classes at A level was taking place almost 50 years ago, and the extent to which it has deepened and strengthened over the year is the result of the vision and foresight of my predecessors; Sr Margaret Rose, Miss Nicholl, the late Mr Mc Keown, Mr Harpur, Miss Gormley and the late Colm Mc Master.

“More recently we have been supported to take this partnership to a new, indeed very exciting level through our involvement in the Sharing Education Programme, generously funded by Atlantic Philanthropists and the International Fund for Ireland.”

Turning her attention to academic achievements, Mrs Ward told of the school’s success at both A-level and GCSE. She told those in attendance that 55% of pupils achieving 3A to C grades and 97% achieveing 2 Grades A* to E at A level, while at GCSE she added that more students than ever had achieved success with 90 perecent gaining 5A* to C grades.

Concluding her speec, the Principal added: “ There are no doubt very challenging times ahead in education given declining budgets and demographic decline.

“But I am absolutely sure that this school, working in partnership with Ballycastle High will face those challenges from a position of real strength.”