Ben, Eve and Jonathan are Dalriada’s top spellers - and that’s official

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Eloquence? Suppurate? Polyphony? Posthumous? Indefatigable? These are just some of the words in last week’s Grand Final of The Dalriada Year 8 Spelling Competition. Since January, all Year 8 pupils hadve been learning spellings and meanings from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

There were class tests and the top three spellers from each class were selected to represent their class and their House in the final on Tuesday 14th June.

Between some of the rounds all the members of the Year 8 audience were able to join in and play a Countdown Conundrum to win a spot prize and these winners were Mark Brolly, Rachael Wilson, Jack Elliot and Lucy Patterson.

The 15 finalists spent weeks intensely revising their vocabulary lists. From Armour House were Sam Magee, Caitlin Christie and Jack Hall; from Calvert were Peter Forde, Jack McMullan and Curtis Gamble. Representing Gordon were Mark McConaghie, Caitlin McCormick and Caolan McAuley; Hannah Christie, Joseph Hassan and Hannah Ritchie represented Reynolds and from Ross House were Ben Kidd, Eve Taggart and Jonathan Waide. There were 6 Rounds between all 5 teams and then the top two teams played 3 rounds to find a winner. Vocabulary was from Animal Farm in 7 rounds and two rounds were made up of new and unlearnt words. It was here that the teams separated and a winner was finally found after a very close contest.

The two top teams in the end were Ross House: Ben Kidd, Eve Taggart and Jonathan Waide and Calvert: Peter Forde, Jack McMullan and Curtis Gamble. The final round consisted of three new words – suppurate, chaotically and irredeemable - and in the end Ross House won with a total of 31 points to Calvert’s 29 points.

Many thanks to the Judges Dr Hunter and Ms Timmins who carefully checked each team’s performance and tallied the scores. And very well done to Dalriada’s top Year 8 spellers – Ben, Eve and Jonathan!