DUP’s Ald Bill Kennedy elected as new - and final - Mayor

Ald Bill Kennedy
Ald Bill Kennedy

The new - and final - Mayor of Ballymoney Borough Council, Ald Bill Kennedy, has pledged to ‘represent the whole of Ballymoney’.

Ald Kennedy took over the chain of office from DUP colleague Cllr John Finlay at last Monday’s Annual General Meeting held at Riada House.

At the meeting, Cllr Alan McLean proposed Ald Kennedy for the new post, which was seconded by Cllr Jason Atkinson. While UUP’s Cllr Tom McKeown was put forward by Cllr Roma McAfee and seconded by Cllr Anita Cavlan.

Both proposals were put to vote with seven for Ald Kennedy and six for Cllr McKeown.

Speaking after taking the chair, Ald Kennedy (pictured right) thanked everyone stating it was a ‘privilege and a pleasure’ to be the last Mayor of Ballymoney adding: “In the post I endeavour to represent the whole of Ballymoney and look forward to the year ahead.”

The Deputy Mayor post was then opened with Cllr John Finlay proposing, and Ald Frank Campbell seconding, Cllr Jason Atkinson. Cllr Finlay also asked for a recorded vote. Cllr Philip McGuigan then proposed Cllr Cathal McLaughlin, seconded by Cllr Anita Cavlan and Cllr Robert Halliday proposed Ald Harry Connolly with Cllr Evelyne Robinson seconding it. Before all three proposals could be put to a vote, Cllr McLaughlin asked to be withdrawn from the nomination and Cllr McGuigan agreed. Both proposals were then put to vote with eight for Ald Connolly and five for Cllr Atkinson.

SDLP’s Ald Connolly, the longest serving councillor having joined when Council was established at the last re-organisation in 1973, thanked members adding that he promised to ‘work with the new Mayor during this short year ahead’.

Both Mayor and Deputy Mayor will complete their term in office until next April when the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council will take over.

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