DUP: Rethink on graves issue


DUP councillors on the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council have welcomed a rethink by Council Officers following a meeting with local funeral directors.

The meeting was held to discuss proposals to harmoniserules and regulations at Council managed and maintained cemeteries and old burial grounds.

Ballymoney Councillor Alan Mclean said he had spoken to a local funeral director who stated agreement had been reached with Council Officers at a meeting on Wednesday 26th on a number of issues including that two council workers would now be supplied to assist for the purpose of interment.

The new revised draft is likely to come before the Environmental Committee at its October meeting.

Councillor McLean stated he and his party colleagues were delighted that common sense has prevailed on this issue.

A spokesperson for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council said: “Council can confirm that a constructive meeting was held between Council Officials and representatives of the funeral directors on Wednesday 26th August.

“However, the Cemetery Rules and Regulations document has not been finalised and further discussions are necessary before it will be presented to the Environmental Committee for their consideration.”

Previously, three out of the four legacy Councils which now make up Causeway Coast and Glens Council provided burial grounds and operated them under their own rules and regulations. Following the creation of the new ‘super Council’ it was deemed necessary to provide consistency.

Aidan McPeak, Director of Environmental Services, said in August: “We have had considerable consultation with the undertakers and they are in agreement with about 99% of the document but there is still one issue unresolved and that’s what they want further clarification on. The issue is around the lowering and carrying of the coffin and we want to try and resolve the issue.”