Dunluce Castle offers a cliff-hanger concert!

NORTHERN Ireland’s most prominent singer, Van Morrison, will bring his musical magic to Dunluce Castle on June 7 and 8.

Morrison, now 67, who has climbed to the top of the musical tree across the world, will appear at the 700-year-old castle with a gig which will see one thousand people in attendance.

The Atlantic ocean and the stunning scenery will provide a magnificent backdrop for the concert which will see Morrison and his band play 200 feet above the sea.

Dunluce Castle has been the scene of countless bloody battles and sieges throughout its colourful history but it will be the first time its walls have reverberated with the sounds of a concert.

Rather than face-off blood-thirsty invaders, the current custodians as well as the concert organisers must overcome the logistics of accommodating hundreds of revellers gathered yards from the north coast’s stunning but precarious drop.

Screens will be erected along the cliff-edges, with a tough balancing act to overcome, ensuring they don’t obscure the stunning scenery.

Over 100 technical staff will descend on the site in the days ahead of the Solstice at Dunluce festival, erecting a range of state-of-the-art lights designed to showcase Dunluce in all its glory, the first time the castle has been lit up.

Nigel Campbellis overseeing the project along with Exile Promotions and admitted the challenges posed are “mammoth” but is confident the results “will be phenomenal”.

“Things are pre-built for the occasion so we don’t have much to do for it. Something like this at Dunluce is a different story because you are taking a site on the edge of a cliff with no shelter and turning it into a concert venue.”

The organisers initially wanted to stage the concert within the castle boundaries but this had to be changed due to ongoing archaeological work.

The concert will take place on land adjacent to the castle.

Mr Campbell said Morrison has been keeping a keen-eye on the organising of the event.

“He wanted to do it and he hand-picks his shows,” he said.

“What a fantastic backdrop for the event and what a great opportunity to showcase the glorious Causeway Coastal Route. It’s going to be an historic two days.”