Duncan condemns attack on Rasharkin Orange Hall

The damage to the Orange hall in Rasharkin
The damage to the Orange hall in Rasharkin

SDLP North Antrim Assembly Candidate Connor Duncan has condemned an attack on and Orange hall in Rasharkin last night where slogans were painted on its walls.

He said: “I was very disappointed when I heard about the vandalism in Rasharkin this morning. This village has moved on and rarely sees disturbances of this nature and is an example of how different communities can live together in mutual peace and respect.

“This is now the third attack on an Orange hall in a week. Those behind these attacks need to understand the damage they are doing to the cause they may claim to support. It is an ambition that can only be realised by improving community relations and assuring unionists that their culture is respected.

“These attacks are moronic and I encourage anyone with any relevant information to contact the PSNI.”