Duncan: Anger and sorrow after loss of friend Adrian Ismay

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SDLP North Antrim Assembly Candidate Connor Duncan has expressed his sorrow following the death of Prison Officer Adrian Ismay this morning.

Mr Ismay who was seriously injured on 4th March when a device detonated beneath his vehicle died eleven days later from a heart attack. Mr Duncan, who was a friend of Mr Ismay, extended his condolences to the family and expressed his anger at those responsible for the attack which is assumed to have contributed to his death.

He said: “I was deeply saddened to learn that despite an encouraging recovery Adrian passed away this morning.

“I knew Adrian from our time together volunteering for the community rescue service of which he was an area commander. News that he had been injured in an attempted murder hit me like a freight train, news this morning that he has passed away was devastating to hear. I cannot begin to imagine how his family must be feeling and my thoughts are with them at this time. After speaking with other friends and colleagues who knew Adrian they are all taking this loss hard and are thinking of Adrian’s family as well.

“I am furious that such a kind man was targeted in such a callous and barbaric way. Those responsible for the horrific attack on Adrian did not see the man beneath the uniform, they did not see the loving father, the dedicated friend or the selfless volunteer who offered his spare hours helping others in trouble. They were consumed only by their selfish and depraved agenda, one which is directly opposed to the will of the Irish people.”