‘Ducklings’ motor through Swim race!

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By Niall Caldwell

Two sprightly young sisters took to the water for cancer charity Marie Curie in a recent swimming contest at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre.

The two girls, Madison (9) and Brooke (7) Elston, applied for the Swimathon online in order to put their skills to good use.

They managed eight lengths in total, no mean feat for such young kids.

However, what could have been even more daunting than the swim itself was the fact that the rest of the competition were adults.

Big men and women swimming a mile or more against two young kids.

Yet, they were not to be intimidated; instead they were excited, and they swam with spirit and determination that the event rightfully deserved.

Upon emerging from the pool, the young girls, chuffed with their accomplishment, wanted to get back in for more!

Instead, they had to suffice with being presented with ballo,ons and commemorative medals.

The girls chose Marie Curie for this project, and as a frequenter of charities, they had learned how to get attention.

In order to inspire interest and willing donors to contribute to the cause, they dressed up as bright yellow ducklings and toured the area asking for contributions.

The response they got was excellent - £175.

The girl’s proud mum Jill told the Times she was delighted with the response and praised the event organisers.

The show is not yet over for the girls plan to return next year for a similar event supporting diabetes treatment and research.