Drop Inn Minisitries heading to Rwanda

A TEAM from local charity Drop Inn Ministries is heading to Rwanda this week.

Edwina Chambers - who runs the Ballymoney branch - sets off for the genocide-hit African country on Wednesday as part of a group of six from the charity for a week-long trip.

Edwina has been a regular visitor to Rwanda in recent years and has organised numerous fundraising events for the war-torn country.

She told the Times on Thursday she was going over to see the progress being made since the brutal genocide of 1994 and was looking forward to catching up with those who are rebuilding their lives with the assistance of donations from generous north Antrim people.

“The people of Ballymoney and the surrounding areas have given us wonderful support,” she said.

“This includes helping to raise money for a new building costing over £100,000 and with the alternative Christmas gifts, the people of Ballymoney again, have helped provide cows, oxen, chickens, etc, all the equipment the widows need for farming and everything is up and going.

“The building has been used for everything, they teach in it, work in it and much more and it is brilliant.

“So this is why I want to go out because it could be my last time doing so.

“But I can’t emphasise how good the people around Ballymoney have been.

“For Rwanada alone there must have been about £160,000 raised in this area.

“Briege McAuley has been a great fundraiser too.”

Edwina said things appear to be ever-improving in Rwanda with people getting their lives back in order.

“Drop Inn Ministry supports schools, nurses and doctors all thanks to donations from the public here,” she said.

“Things appear to be getting better and it will be lovely to catch up with everyone and see how they are getting on.”

On Wednesday local soccer figure Liam Beckett presented Edwina with footballs and team shirts to take to Rwanada.