Drivers ‘simply ignoring’ speed limit signs - claim

POLICE have been alerted to speeding motorists at a stretch of road recently restricted to 40 miles per hour.

Concerned residents of a housing estate at Clintyfinnan (Bushside) near Armoy, claim that the vast majority of motorists using the route are ignoring the restriction.

One resident told the Times: “The signs might as well not be there as far as some drivers are concerned. I watched a couple of cars racing each other from the Armoy direction recently and one passing the other right in the middle of the estate.

“A woman was walking along the footpath with a pram and if anything had gone wrong, I shudder to think what the consequences would have been.”

Police have given attention to the area and recently operated a speed check during which it is understood they stopped a number of motorists who may be reported for speeding.

Patrols will be keeping check on the area in the near future and according to local MLA, Mervyn Storey, an assurance has been given that this will happen.

In total, four new restricted limits were put in place at Bushside, Macfin, Seacon and Druckendult.

And according to Mr. Storey there have been reports of speeding at three of those areas – the exception being Druckendult where motorists appear to be adhering to the limit.

Mr. Storey has worked hard at getting the restrictions put in place and says it is incumbent on drivers to keep within the law.

“These signs have been erected for a purpose and for motorists to flagrantly ignore them means they deserve to be punished,” Mr. Storey said.