Drive with caution, says councillor

MOTORISTS are being urged to drive with caution during the winter period by Moyle Sinn Fein councillor Colum Thompson.

In a statement issued after the first ice and frost of the winter Councillor Thompson said: “The bad winter weather has now arrived and ice and frost has begun to form on rural roads particularly at night or in the early morning. I have contacted Roads Service and asked them to ensure that all roads which they have committed to treating are actually gritted during cold weather.

“It is vitally important that all main roads in and out of the Glens are treated with grit to ensure driver and passenger safety. However with all the will in the world Roads Service cannot treat every road and there are several things which motorists can do to reduce the risks associated with driving in cold weather.

“If possible winter or snow tyres should be fitted and motorists should reduce their speed and leave adequate time for their journeys. Motorists should also check anti-freeze levels in their cars and ensure that the car battery and engine are in good working order.

“We have seen over the past couple of winters what can happen in cold driving conditions and we need to do everything we can to prevent accidents and inconvenience now and in the future.”