Dougie letting his hair down again for charity

Dougie with his father John. INBM 09-701-CON
Dougie with his father John. INBM 09-701-CON

A Ballymoney retail manager who has channelled ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ for charity is preparing to let his hair down again for another good cause.

Dougie Dickson, a general merchandise and clothing manager at Tesco, Ballymoney, will have his locks shorn next month in support of the Alzheimer’ Society.

The 28-year from Castlerock takes up the story: “My hair has been long for a decade now and I always said that if I was going to get it cut I would do so for a charity, but never knew which one to pick. Well I have decided this year that it was time for a change and decided to do the haircut, finally settling on the Alzheimer’s Society as my charity.

“I chose this charity because my father John, who is 70, has this debilitating disease (diagnosed when he was around 65) and this past year he has gotten quite bad with it. He no longer recognises simple everyday objects for what they are and immediately forgets doing things after he has done them, for the moment he still knows who we, his family are, which is a small mercy.

“I wanted to help raise money for the charity to help others going through the same situation and to raise more awareness of the disease itself and how it can completely change those it affects.

Dougie worked for years in Limavady Tesco before moving with a promotion to the Ballymoney branch, where he has enthusiastically engaged with the retailer’s charity initiativeS.

“Those of you familiar with the shop and our events will know that I have dressed up as Mrs Brown a couple of times in the past for the Tesco charity partners events. I have been given permission to hold my fundraising event in the lobby of the Ballymoney Tesco store on the 1st April 2017 at 12 noon.

“I have my long time hairdresser booked for the event. So far through cash donations and the justgiving website (see below) I have raised £528 and I am aiming for £1000, hoping to hit my target.”

Dougies’s fundraising fun can be supported via: