Donate your old cycling kit to ‘Africa Rising’ charity

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Have you got a load of old cycling kit that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of?

Well, instead of throwing it in the bin, why not donate it to someone who needs it more than you!

Marshal Craig from Ballymoney Cycling Club explained: “I’m putting together a collection of local cyclists old unwanted kits.

“Dimension Data rider Matt Brammeier has started a clothing drive were unwanted kit from around the world will be given to riders in Africa who don’t have the luxury of a decent cycling jersey or a pair of padded shorts.

“The ‘Africa Rising’ project is both helping you de-clutter your wardrobe and also give some cyclists in Africa the clothing they need to improve and enjoy their cycling.

“Whether it’s helmets, shoes, jerseys or shorts, you can drop your items off and I’ll look after everything from there.

“Drop offs can be made at Ballymoney Cycling Club events or by contacting myself on 07738241969.”