‘Don’t list Bushmills police station’

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Causeway Coast and Glens Council has told the NI Environment Agency that they do NOT want to see the former police station in Bushmills become a listed building.

Members of the Planning Committee were asked to allow the Historic Environment Division permission to list the building on Main Street.

Independent councillor Padraig McShane said he objected to the building being listed as it would be “detrimental to any future plans” held by the community or local businesses.

“I know there were problems with the interior but listing would mean stalling. We would end up with yet another building on Main Street going to rack and ruin and being of no use to anyone.”

UUP councillor Joan Baird said she completely agreed with Cllr McShane saying that listing the former police station would sound the “death knell” for the building.

She said that decision to list other buildings in the village had left Bushmills “sitting with these carbuncles, to use the well-known phrase, for years”.

Listing the building would, she said, be a burden on both tax payers and the community. It was agreed to refuse permission to list.