Do you know who owns these lost dogs?

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Ballymoney Borough Council is looking for help in reuniting two dogs with their owners.

It is believed that the dogs were perhaps “spooked” by recent thunder and lightning storms and simply ran away from their homes.

Karen Mitchell from Ballymoney Council told The Times: “Both of these dogs were found on Sunday 28 July on the Pharis Road in Ballymoney.

“We are desperately trying to re unite them with their owners.

“It is believed the dogs had been traumatised by the thunder and lightening.

“One dog is a female tan and white coloured collie.

“She is a beautiful girl, well mannered and very affectionate. She is approximately two to three years old,” explained Karen.

“The other dog appears to be a shitzu or a cross of that type.

“She is a much older dog.

“She is a black and white, again a female. Both dogs had obviously been well looked after.

“The small dog is very nervous and takes some people rather strange.

“I would appeal to the owners to come forward,” said Karen.

She stressed: “These dogs have done nothing wrong and I am surprised that their owners haven’t come for them already.”

Karen said that the dog pound had to look at the possibility of the owners not reclaiming their pets.

In that case, she made an appeal for any dog lovers in the area who think they would be able to give the animals a suitable and loving home.

“Should the owners not be found I would appeal to your readers to contact us if they feel they could offer either of these dogs a forever home,” said Karen.

“Please note the small dog would not be suitable for a home with young children due to its nervous disposition.

“We can be contacted on 028 27660257.”

Ballymoney Borough Council aims to reunite lost dogs with their owners or find new homes for stray dogs which aren’t claimed.

Legally the Council is obliged to keep a dog for five days.

If after five days a dog has not been claimed, it is available for rehoming.

The fee for rehoming a dog, including microchipping if necessary, is £35.

This cost does not include the appropriate licence fee.

All dogs must be fitted with a microchip.

A licence issued in respect of an unmicrochipped dog will be invalid and therefore the keeper of the unmicrochipped dog will be guilty of the offence of keeping an unlicensed dog.