Disgusted at Cushendall toilets

Traders in Cushendall are disgusted that toilets in the centre of the village remain shut at the height of the busy tourist season.

Local businessman Paddy McLaughlin state: “Despite repeated requests to Council the men’s toilets remain shut.

“The men’s toilets have now been shut for over five months, technical services told me that they were going to fit a new panel to the toilets and that to save money they would do the work themselves. This should not take five days let alone five months!

“I also asked for a temporary “men’s toilet” sign to be placed on the disabled toilets to assist people weeks ago but unfortunately these toilets are also locked.

“It is unacceptable to local people and to visitors that these toilets remain shut. I witness daily elderly folk trying to use the facilities.

“Can anyone from Moyle Council give me 1 valid reason why this is allowed to happen?”

Cllr Colum Thompson from Moyle District Council agreed adding: “The amount of time it has taken to refurbish the men’s toilet is totally and utterly unacceptable, the issue has been ongoing for several months and I have been lobbying the technical services department of Moyle District Council on a weekly, if not daily basis to try and speed up the refurbishment.

“This standard of service from Moyle District Council is simply unacceptable and I, for one, will be looking for an explanation from the technical services department as soon as possible.”