Development plan for Dervock

Over the past few months Dervock & District Community Association have been working with the assistance of Supporting Communities NI and a consultant, Frank Dolaghan of Mentor Economic Developments Ltd, to prepare a development plan for the village.

The aim of the plan is to enable the Association to submit an application for funding to improve the quality of life for residents to the Rural Development Programme Village Enhancement Measure.

Frankie Cunningham, Chairperson of the Association, said: “The expectations ingrained in our subconscious from childhood; that certain things in life will always be there, will always be provided for us, should never be taken for granted.

“That correlation regretfully is indicative of todays’ society/communities where those aspirations can lead to apathy and self destruction. I hope this foreword acts as a stimulant that evokes a positive response from the community of Dervock to get involved in Phase II of Dervock’s Village Plan?

“From the Associations’ point of view we need to maximise input from all the 24 community based group already identified in previous discussions/workshops etc.  Basically to progress beyond the initial village plan and apply for relevant grants it’s imperative that as many of those groups become involved within the consultation stages. 

“We are very pleased with the progress we have made so far but we have more work to do if we are to finalise our plan by the target date of end of June. We still need more local people to come out and endorse our efforts as the funding application will only be successful if we can demonstrate that it has widespread community support. We are having a public meeting on Wednesday 1st June in the Blackwater Bar from 7.30pm and I cannot stress how important it is for the village that as many people as possible attend and participate in the planning process.

“People do not have to represent an organisation though of course we welcome representation from every group in the village. This opportunity will not come round again so if we miss the boat now we cannot complain in the future. As chairperson I must make people realise that this might be the last opportunity that we, as a small community – can, collectively move forward. I look forward to seeing a huge crowd on the 1st June.”