Dervock’s Trafalgar links

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Tomorrow (Wednesday 21st October), the people of Dervock will commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar in an exciting new event that highlights the special links between the village and the famous naval encounter.

To mark the 210th anniversary of the battle, an evening of music and entertainment will take place in the Derrykeighan Parish Church Hall, the Allen and Adair Memorial Hall on the Castlecatt Road.

The hall houses some outstanding stained glass windows relating to various aspects of the history of the Allen and Adair families, one of them depicts the deck of Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, on October 21st 1805. Included in the heroic scene is Captain Charles William Adair, a Royal Marine and a member of a well respected North Antrim family. Adair was killed close to Nelson and his story will feature strongly in the programme for this unique community gathering.

The commemoration has been organised by local man Peter Thompson. The event itself will include well known historian Alex Blair who will give an introductory talk on the Allen and Adair families.

Local traditional musicians Dick and Sabine Glasgow will then give an introductory talk on their instruments, followed by a

rendition of “Old style” naval themed tunes. Keith Beattie, Ballymoney Museum manager will give an introductory talk on the history of story telling and how it was a prominent feature in the bygone Dervock, local man Charlie Gillen will follow this by giving his unique insight in past stories about characters who lived in our village. Tony Small, Richard McConaghie, Lloyd McCook and Danny Laverty of Dervock Young Defenders Flute band will then perform a selection of themed music. The band will then be joined by Dick and Sabine Glasgow who will play a selection of music bringing the evening to a tremendous climax with a tribute to Captain Charles William Adair of the Royal Marines.

The evening begins at 8pm. Light supper to follow the entertainment.

Tickets are now available from Frankie Cunningham, Peter Thompson and the Mill Tea Rooms in the village, they ar £5 but are limited to 40 people so please purchase one early to avoid disappointment. All proceeds in aid of the Allen and Adair Memorial Hall restoration fund.