Dervock resident passes away in her 101st year

A former Dervock lady has passed away in her 101st year.

Martha McBride died at the Model Care Home in Ballymney where she had lived .

Miss McBride had celebrated her 100th birthday at the home on New Year’s Day with family and friends.

Martha had spent many years working in Scotland, entertained guests with stories about her life and was entertained herself when one of her young relations sang a song for her at her birthday.

Martha received her special letter from the Queen and Ballymoney Mayor Evelyne Robinson also popped in to congratulate this venerable old lady on having reached this magnificent milestone.

Mayor Robinson said: “I met Martha when I was doing the rounds of the care homes before Christmas and she told me then about her birthday so I said ‘I’ll come back again if you like.’ So I took some flowers and she was delighted, there was a pink bow and a lot of pink flowers and she was dressed in pink!

Miss McBride, the last of a family of eight, was laid to rest at Dervock Presbyterian Churchyard.

Sympathy is extended to her family members.