Deputy Mayor criticises Roddens closure proposal

Cllr Darryl Wilson
Cllr Darryl Wilson

The Deputy Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Council, Darryl Wilson, has criticised the proposal by the Health and Social Care Board to close the Roddens care home in Ballymoney.

The Ulster Unionist councillor from Ballymoney said: “The announcement that the Roddens care home is once again under threat of closure has been greeted with shock and dismay by the people of Ballymoney. The home has played an important role in the town in for many years and has been a very welcome source of employment.

“The announcement that there is to be a 12 week consultation on the Roddens proposed closure is a devastating blow to the residents, their families and all the staff who work in it.

“It is totally disingenuous for either the Northern Trust or the Health and Social Care Board to say they did anything but hasten this closure. For quite some time now there has been a disgraceful ban on permanent admissions to this home. Without allowing new residents it was clear that this home would become more and more unsustainable. Closure by stealth is no way to treat the residents.

“A matter of months ago, then Health Minister Edwin Poots said he was not in the habit of pursuing closure, so what has brought about this u-turn? Residents and their families deserve to know if the new DUP Health Minister pursuing a different policy?

“Unfortunately the most vulnerable in society have now lost the trust in those responsible for their wellbeing. I would urge the Trust and the Health minister to revoke this decision and give our elderly the safety and security they deserve.

“I would call on everyone who wishes to see the home retained to respond to the public consultation and make clear their firm opposition to what is being proposed.”