‘Decayed’ tree danger averted in Rasharkin

ROADS Service has been praised by Sinn Fein councillor Cathal McLaughlin for moving quickly to make safe a fallen tree in Rasharkin.

Councillor McLaughlin said: “On Sunday 11th August, part of a large chestnut tree came down inside the property of a Rasharkin resident’s home, causing anxiety among the occupants of the premises. Had it fallen on a child or a passer-by then things could have been a whole lot different!

“On realising what had happened the occupant immediately called on Roads Service and the PSNI who taped off the area to make it safe.

“When the Roads Service engineer arrived he immediately began to clear up the site and leave it passable for pedestrians.

“After talking with the occupant about the incident I then asked Roads Service for a survey of the tree be carried out and a report to follow on.

“When I contacted them a couple of days later they informed me this had been done and would let me know the outcome ASAP.

“Again to congratulate Roads Service on their swift action, they came back almost immediately and told me the tree was so badly decayed inside that it would have to come down, as there was the potential for more damage or even serious injury. When I enquired about the similar chestnut tree across the road I was told it would have to be removed as well.

“I persuaded them then to make this a priority, as children at this time of year are on the lookout for ‘conkers’ which is still a popular game between kids, and this particular tree provided exactly what they required, and as I now regarded this a health and safety issue, climbing the tree would be extremely dangerous at this time.

“They told me the trees would be removed within seven days and with as little disruption to the residents of the village as possible.

“There may be a bit of dismay among some locals as to the decision taken, as the trees were a significant part of the village, but the decision was taken with the issue of safety being first priority.”

* Do you have a view about the removal of the trees? Email news@ballymoneytimes.co.uk