Debbie takes on the mighty Eggheads

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ASK anyone who competes in quizzes and the majority are most likely to acknowledge that it is not only a challenge, but an enjoyable one at that.

However, when you are confronted by television cameras, bright lights, and aware that you are being watched by a national audience it can be overwhelming.

Throw in the the fact that you are taking on the United Kingdom’s best quizzers - the Eggheads - and the situation becomes even more daunting.

That’s exactly what faced former Armoy lass, Debbie McCook, last week when she formed part of a team called ‘Ards Ladies’ who were competing for a top prize of £12,000.

Debbie who is the only daughter of Richard and Helena McCook, proved a television natural exuding confidence and joining in the banter with host Dermot Murnaghan and the opposition.

Unfortunately, Debbie didn’t win her Geography round failing in two questions and with her opponent, Daphne Fowler, successfully answering hers, there was no point in carrying on.

However, Debbie managed to inject a bit of humour into the programme when she was asked: In the North of England the term ‘Beck’ referes to what geographical feature - mountain, stream or valley?

Debbie plumped for Valley when, in fact, the correct answer was stream, but the pronouncation of the word which sounded like ‘bake’ prompted her to comment that in her part of the world it conveyed another name for face!

The four women in the team all lost their rounds, but the one remaining male contestant could have scooped the top prize had he known that Roger Milla played in the World Cup for Cameroon and not his chosen option, Algeria, after which the Eggheads also failed in their question.

That tied the scores at two-each, but the Eggheads went on to win in the next question.

Maturally, it was disappointing for Debbie, but the 26-year-old thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Most of the family watched the programme, but her grandparents in Armoy, Bert and Margaret McCook, were at a wedding and missed the show. However, they later watched a recording.

Debbie is a former pupil of Armoy Primary School and Ballycastle High. She went on to complete her degree at Queen’s University.

She is a sports fanatic and according to her grandfather, Bert, is a real daredevil.